[bf1942] non-curses version of the server console

Andreas Fredriksson andreas.fredriksson at dice.se
Wed Dec 10 03:02:14 EST 2003

I added a system like this before the 1.4 release but I decided to cut it
out because of issues
with polling and input threads. I could try to get it back in but I don't
think there's enough
time considering all the other work I'm doing right now.

The chat text at least is in the status monitor and also in the xml log in

// Andreas

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> I would be in favour of this too.  it makes it so much easier 
> to remotely admin a server if you can see what the players 
> are typing to you. And as a bonus we could have live stats.
> > Is there a way to get a server console in Linux without 
> uses curses? 
> > AKA,  it just prints stuff out on STDOUT and we give it 
> commands via 
> > STDIN.  Something nice and basic like this just to type 
> commands and 
> > read  output would be nice.  Perhaps make this the default behavior 
> > instead of  just silence?  Thanks.
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