[bf1942] Announcement: BF1942 linux server 1.45 availa ble

Andreas Fredriksson andreas.fredriksson at dice.se
Thu Aug 28 23:41:51 EDT 2003

Lowercasing all path accesses would work for native files but
it would mess up our archive handling. What I could do is make
only the archive filename translator lowercase and expect all
files on the filesystem to be lowercase.

I'd have to modify start.sh to check for this though because a
lot of people wouldn't know the difference and ask questions
about missing files :-)

// Andreas

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From: "--=*dD*|Campino=--" <campino at divine-devils.de>
> But what about tools like the BF Remote Server Daemon?
> It's creating a file AdminSettings.con
> So it have to be useless if the server is searching for a
> adminsettings.con

Indeed we need clear this up personally I'd go for all lowercase
that way there's no ambiguity. Win32 it wont affect as its case 
insensitive ( although case preserving ). Just need to know what
the big man Andreas says.

    Steve / K

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