[bf1942] Slow startup/map change speeds?

Steven Hartland killing at barrysworld.com
Tue Aug 26 20:23:00 EDT 2003

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From: "Stewart, John" <johns at artesyncp.com>
> > > Aye, I'm on the latest release, and the machine is pretty 
> > decent. Athlon XP
> > > 1600, 256MB memory.
> > 
> > Upgrage your memory your crippling the machine putting such a pissy
> > amount of memory in it ( thats less than my 350 PII laptop has ).
> I really don't think that should be necessary. bf1942 only uses (currently
> according to top) 71MB. It's the only thing running on the box aside from a
> small instance of Apache. The box ain't swapping.
A basic apache will be 20Mb per thread say 10 handlers that's 200, OS
basics ~50 bf1942 80 that's 330 MB which doesn't leave any space for
buffers / disk cache. Even with a 800Mhz processor you should be looking
at 768->1Gb RAM and duals 2Gb. The rule don't skimp on ram its so cheap
its not worth it.

    Steve / K

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