[bf1942] Slow startup/map change speeds?

Stewart, John johns at artesyncp.com
Tue Aug 26 16:34:52 EDT 2003

> Are you sure this is related to a network timeout? Loading 
> maps can easily
> take 30 seconds
> if the server machine is low-spec enough :-)
> Also, have you upgraded to the latest beta release, beta 7?

Aye, I'm on the latest release, and the machine is pretty decent. Athlon XP
1600, 256MB memory.

I did a little more research. Turns out I was using the dynamic binary; I
tried both and benchmarked the startup times both without a +game flag and
with +game interstate (with statusMonitor on both). Also I used strace to
see what was going on while starting up. I had been expecting it to be
waiting for some system call to return. In fact, it was loading up a ton 'o
files, as you say.

The results were *very* consistent.

Without a mod, static took 14 seconds, and dynamic 28 (every time - did 3 of

With a mod (interstate), static took 15 seconds, and dynamic 30 (only did
twice each, exactly the same).

Dynamic takes *exactly* twice as long to start up.

Anyway, I'm expecting switching to static will improve performance. We'll
see once I get home to play. =)


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