[bf1942] Updating to DC 0.39K

Kevin Lockitt kevin at blackbagops.com
Tue Aug 19 23:52:15 EDT 2003

The _001 files extend the pre-existing archives like pak1.pk3 etc files
do in Quake III Arena. Instead of patching the original rfa files they
release a _001.rfa file which inludes new and modified files that
effectively "overwrite" those in the original rfa.

Kevin Lockitt

kevin at blackbagops.com

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Hell if I know. Those were just there in the 0.39 patch. You shouldn't 
reference the .001 files in the maplist.con though. Maybe a mapper can 
explain what they're for..

john wrote:

> Yeah I was your previous post that it'd been through striprfa, but 
> what are the .001 files about? ;-)
> john
> On Tue, 19 Aug 2003, James Gurney wrote:
>>Not diffs. There is a tool which someone on the forums produced called

>>'striprfa'. This tool removes stuff like textures from the rfa files 
>>which the server does not need. This dramatically reduces the size of 
>>the archives. The archives I provide on my site will therefore only 
>>work for servers. They cannot be used to upgrade a client machine.
>>In addition to the 9MB incremental patch you already linked to, I have

>>  43MB complete archive which can be used for a full install. This has
>>also been stripped down:
>>Whenever new releases are made, I'll try and keep up with stripped 
>>down archives as well, so keep an eye on the mailing list and/or 
>>forums when new mods are released (although my server only runs DC and

>>EoD, so you're on your own when it comes to the less common mods).

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