[bf1942] Linux port

Lee Latham leeprivate at cgmlarson.com
Fri Aug 15 16:50:21 EDT 2003

Are you trying to run the statically linked binary?

(the wonderful profoundly convenient statically linked binary?)

At 08:53 PM 8/15/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>I got problems running the linux port on my system.
>I run FreeBSD 4.8 , and it runs other linux binary apps nicely.
>The error I get is that the server can not find libstdc++.so.5
>I got libstdc++.so   on the system.
>If the problem is that it needs the .5 extension.. Is it the same .so or is
>it another file?
>demolish at demolish.nu

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