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Kingsley Foreman kingsley at
Tue Aug 5 21:05:39 EDT 2003

Ive been playing with freebsd and bf1942_lnxded

ok firstly I want to say that my freebsd 4.8 release box is upto date
eg cvsup run, and portupgrades done

Firstly i tried on freebsd 4.7 and it didn't work, it is caused by some
with freebsd 4.7 and the console code but 4.8 does work

Secondly i had issues with bfsmd but after talking to kevin and some beta
fixes that he will release soon (i think) all is good, and found a good
querk which stops u from using bfsmd in root and daemon mode (got to love


bf1942_lnxded.static worked out of the box using the standard linux_base
bf1842_lnxded.dynamic didn't

so UgLy went searching around the ports and found a reletively new port
This is the linux compat with redhat 8

I then deinstalled the linux_base port
and installed the linux_base-8 port
Glibc detected 2.3 correctly and i have been running
bf1842_lnxded.dynamic  since. so far it look stable

hope this helps people

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