[bf1942] Absolutely OT: Emails to this list (Andreas, please ignore and keep doing your good work)

Matrix Matrix at ServerXtreme.com
Tue Apr 22 17:40:59 EDT 2003

Yea, a lot of mail come though this mail list, and definatly clutters up the inbox...  I would just suggest creating a rule in outlook if you use it and create the rule for all email that contines "[bf1942]" in the subject, send it to another folder like "icculus_bf1942", so none of them go to your inbox... Then at my own leasure, I click on that folder and look at all of the current mail spam. :-p   ...but I stay tuned in becuase I egerly await the DICE status reports and the 1.4 release. :)


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I'm inclined to disagree. I believe that although the mailing list is a 
good place to air your views and opinions, it is incredibly important 
that you keep everything you want to say in 1 mail. I do in fact find 
that this list is reasonably good as long as people post sensible, 
well-thought discussions that contribute to the overall productivity of 
the list.

I have to admit that I've been quite disappointed so far, as perhaps 
more than 70% of what I read here I just plop neatly into my trash. It's 
really because most of them are one-liners that are not well-explained, 
and I personally find that this should be considered list-abuse. If 
you're going to send 10 messages to the few hundred people here, I 
suggest that you think about the tenfold quantity of mail you are 
expecting people to want to receive as well.

If you want to drop 10 messages in my mailbox and they all seem to 
originate from one or two people who just can't keep their content 
compressed neatly and coherently into 1 message then I personally 
believe it is the fault of the author, and not the subscriber, who 
should be to blame for spam-like messages. If you think you have good 
ideas fine, but please if it's only worth a one-liner I'm sorry that I 
can't agree that it could be anything of value.

I would like to beseech all subscribers to subscribe to the common sense 
mailing list and to ensure that your mail is worthy enough of being 
duplicated in everybody else's mailbox before you submit to the list. I 
think there have been many people who have dropped out of the list for 
the amount of spam involved (I have dropped out once, who knows maybe 
I'll drop out again tomorrow?). Also I think that it's forgivable for 
first-time subscribers to not realize this but for those who have been 
in this list for ages I see no excuse for this behaviour.

Before you mail, I suggest you ask yourself : Will this benefit others 
or am I just being a bit too enthusiastic?

I understand that the more active subscribers will just begin hurling 
abuses at me, but I think there have been a lot of us silent sufferers 
who have bore the brunt of this ridiculous quantity of pointless and 
useless mail for way too long. For the sake of bf, please upgrade the 
quality of discourse.


Christopher Choo
chrischoo at fragnetics.com

Killing wrote:

>Excuse us for answering questions and talking about the development
>of the server.
>If you cant put up with a few emails I suggest u:
>1. chill out
>2. unsubscribe for the list
>Take ur pick.
>Oh and while ur at it learn to cut emails when replying to keep the 'SPAM'
>bandwidth that u seem to worried about down.
>    Steve / K
>Oh and this is one of the quieter server lists try ut2k3 on for size.
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>Subject: [bf1942] Absolutely OT: Emails to this list (Andreas, please ignore and keep doing your good work)
>>Hi all
>>I'm following this list for about half a year now and I always wonder more
>>about the behaviour of people on this list.
>>Have you ever thought about that...
>>... more than 500 people have to go through your "spam-mails" (I don't know
>>any other word for this)?
>>... a software developer of DICE is reading this list?
>>... a software developer of DICE is even answering to this list?
>>... not everyone is interested in your "useless" comments? (even mine)
>>... not everyone is interested in merciless mod or any other clientside
>>mods(is it linux related?)

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