AW: [bf1942] 1.4 and disablin mods????

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Mon Apr 21 15:35:40 EDT 2003

And here is a more in-depth explanation of solution....

"Dice create a RFA compiler / decompiler for public release.
RFA compiler has an option for user to input a 10 digit code. Based on this
code, the 10 digit code gets split up into 3-5 pieces based on the 20 digit
secret code and is placed in hidden various sections of the RFA compile code
(only Dice knows where the locations are). When RFA compiler generates a 20
digit secret code at random, not seen to user compiling RFA.  When a server
is running Desert Combat, it will knows that it should be looking for the 20
digit secret code and the 10 digit secret code within 3-5 places MUST match
within the range of the assigned 20 digit code. If it does not, it fails the
client load to server.

Now, every modder compiling their RFAs can come up with their own 10 digit
secret code each compile and only they will know it. And are totaly unaware
of the 20 digit secret code and
the fact the 10 and 20 digit code are split up in various sections.
Granted when a modder wishes to decompile the RFA, they must
input the 10 digit secret code that was originally used.  Every mod is
secure this way.. and unique.

Now if you want to add more security into this...  you can compile RFAs
within a range of numbers 0000000001.rfa 0000000002.rfa  etc and they the
"new patch or release" of RFAs could vary on each one for various 10 digit
secret codes but the 20 digit secret codes are within tolerance range. Thus
when the server checks... it sees all the RFAs and check the ranges of them
all also.

Now if you want to add even more security you could allow the user to input
the "LOCATION BIT". This will randomize or place the segments of the 10
digits randomly in the compile. Thus when the compiler uses a LocationBit of
4, and their 10 digit number, it will get split 4 times and then placed
randomly. On decompile, it will look at this for greater security on the RFA
before opening it. Granted the LocationBit could be just the 11th digit on
the 10 digit number.

Is this even feasible?"

Jon Wolberg
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> --On Monday, April 21, 2003 11:32 AM -0700 Jon <MMmmGood at> wrote:
> > He e-mailed DICE with this solution two months ago to no avail.  His
> > was more extensive than the description above for obvious reasons.  It
> > included a fix to the problem that would let true modders still be able
> > make client-side mods but the cheats would stop working.  He was
> "Obvious reasons"? Do you mean security by obscurity? How would other mod
> writers learn how to do this? Just what is his solution?

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