[bf1942] Linux server status report 2003-04-14

Fredriksson, Andreas andreas.fredriksson at dice.se
Wed Apr 16 03:12:42 EDT 2003

We haven't got all the test equipment we would need yet so I can't
state with absolute certainty that we have it fixed. 

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From: Daniel Valois
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Mostly fixed?

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From: Fredriksson, Andreas [mailto:andreas.fredriksson at dice.se] 
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The bungee effect is a symptom that appears when the client has
interpolated (simulated) your actions too far and is then "snapped"
back to the correct position according to the server.

So the problem is with packet processing delays on the server,
something we believe is mostly fixed in the new UDP layer.

// Andreas

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From: Arne Kühl
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hmm, could you tell me with little details, why the bungee-effekt comes
i'm just interested in it.
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From: "Roland Kool" <roland at cyso.nl>
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Your progress sounds promising :)
I was wondering, how long have you been playing on the server to see if
the bungee effect shows up? In my experience (I run a DC server with 24
players) the bungee effect seems to show up after about five minutes of
playing, right after a map restart and it also looks like it happens
with more than 4 players on the server.

Also, is there a way to sign up for a pre-pre-release? My DC server is
full every night (don't know why, because that bungee effect makes it
unplayable) so I can easily test how it behaves in "the real world".

Thanks so far.


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Van: Fredriksson, Andreas [mailto:andreas.fredriksson at dice.se]
Verzonden: Monday, April 14, 2003 10:33 AM
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Onderwerp: [bf1942] Linux server status report 2003-04-14

Hi people, here's a status rundown since last week.

- I've been spending time reproducing and verifying the bungee effect
  and other known bugs of the current 1.31 release. This week I will
  focus on trying to reproduce these on our current version with
  conditions. As I've mentioned to people in private communication, we
  are pretty certain that we will fix the bungee effect for the next

- Also this week I will begin compatibility testing of our new binary
  a few of the popular Linux distributions (I use gentoo myself).

- Road to Rome maps work as expected now.

- Before the weekend we had a big LAN playtest here at the office of
  the win32 and linux dedicated servers and they behaved identically as
  as everyone involved could tell--a good sign. Performance of the linux
  server binary was pretty amazing: about 1%user+0.5%sys CPU load for 17
  (2100 AMD running a conquest map).

In other news, the second snow wave here in Sweden is finally melting
away with happy faces as a result. :-)


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