[bf1942] Query Port

Bill Wood wawoodtx at attbi.com
Tue Apr 8 09:19:31 EDT 2003

Paul, in the readme for the last patch:
   * Added "game.setGamespyPort" server setting...default: 23000
   * Added "game.setGamespyLanPort" server setting...default: 22000
   * Added "game.setASEPort" server setting...default: 23001

You may want to set these to different values in your second instance.
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I have set up two ip’s on my server.
Eth0 and eth0:1
Then I installed the server twice on this machine, and put into the
ServerSettings.con the two IP’s.
You can play on both servers, but the second isn’t in the

Any suggestions?
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Yep check out the release notes its documented in there.
    Steve / K
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Subject: [bf1942] Query Port
Hi all,
Is it possible to force a queryport? Default is 23000, but imagine a
want it to be 23100.
Other question that nobody seems to know: is it possible to run 2 BF
server in the same Machine/File dir?
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