[bf1942] OT: how to start bf_dedicated from batch (win32)

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Sun Apr 6 09:28:47 EDT 2003

Hello Sebastian,

Sunday, April 6, 2003, 1:20:42 AM, you wrote:

SK> replace the dedicatedserver.exe with bf1942.exe :)

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>> Hello!
>> I am currently trying to get Battelfield working without any vnc, X, WM
>> (such as KDE, Gnome, etc..)
>> All i need to know now is how i can start a Dedicated Server from a batch.
>> This only brings up my ServerSettings, and i still have to click start:
>> DedicatedServer.exe +restart 1 +hostServer 1 +dedicated 1
>> Is there a way so that the server will start streight away?
>> p.s. Don´t take it the wrong way! I wake up each day hoping to find a
SK> linux
>> release. This is just a work around.
>> Cheers, Mario


bf1942.exe +dedicated 1 +restart 1
will do it as well

to start a RtR Server:
bf1942.exe +game XPack1 +dedicated 1 +restart 1

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