[bf1942] RE: gcc

Spuds McCat spuds at leopard.net
Thu Apr 3 02:23:02 EST 2003

On Wed, 2 Apr 2003, Fredriksson, Andreas wrote:

> As for CPU optimizations, we will probably go for a -march=i686
> version, as it's easier to only handle one version at a time
> and you need atleast a P3 to run the server at all.
I've run it on a K6 133 Mhz box with 1 IDE drive. The bungee effect was
there even with one person, but 3 of us (2 local, 1 remote) where able to
play/practice, including flying Desert Combat aircraft.

I did notice that the bungee effect varries depending on the map.

Oddley enough, bf1942 never got over 42% cpu utilization. It took so long
to load that everyone got disconnected, but it functioned

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