[bf1942] Another new build...

Greg itooo at itooo.com
Sun Dec 15 14:40:19 EST 2002

# ps x
21140 ?        Z      0:00 [bf1942_lnxded <defunct>]

argl, zombies !
(after 1 mapchange at end of time and one admin.mapchange)
Sunday, December 15, 2002, 8:26:19 AM:

RCG> Try this one on for size:
RCG>   http://icculus.org/betas/bf1942/bf1942-lnxded-betaupdate-build-1039933525.tar.bz2

RCG> This applies over the complete install, with or without the previous
RCG> build. Just untar it so it overwrites the binaries and README.

RCG> I fixed a metric ton of invalid memory accesses, three deferences of bogus
RCG> pointers, and one serious memory corruption (which I'm hoping was the
RCG> cause of all our woes).

RCG> Please try it out. Usual disclaimer applies: this works great here (but it
RCG> always has, so this is not at all a comfort by this point, I'm sure), but
RCG> until I get some confirmation from the field, I can't promise this won't
RCG> crash on connect, etc.

RCG> And, for the record, valgrind is a _fantastic_ tool for tracking down
RCG> memory bugs. If you are a programmer and aren't using this on your code,
RCG> you really really should. It totally blows away ElectricFence (which,
RCG> coincidentally, runs out of mmap()able address space before the server is
RCG> finished starting...I've had that problem with efence on every major game
RCG> I've used it with), and dmalloc, etc.

RCG> --ryan.

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