[avadon] Changing graphics mode in Linux version

Andrew McMillan andrew at morphoss.com
Thu Mar 22 01:57:43 EDT 2012


When I run the Linux version of Avadon it forces my screen into a
low-resolution mode which looks kind of weird.  My laptop screen is
1920x1080, so the graphics look kind of stretched sideways.  Then, when
I get back to my desktop after running the game all of my windows have
migrated to the top left of the left-hand monitor.

On my son's computer he gets a message from his monitor which
obnoxiously pops up in front of him fairly continuously saying "the
computer should be set to the recommended mode of 1920x1050" and then
after a while the monitor goes black and he has to turn it off, and on,
before he can continue playing...

Is there any command-line parameter that can be added to change the
screen resolution, or (even better :-) to run it in a window?

					Andrew McMillan.

andrew (AT) morphoss (DOT) com                            +64(272)DEBIAN
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