[armyops] 2.2.0?

Robert Ludiker robert_ludiker at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 19 21:44:08 EDT 2004


At any rate, please do inform us when that is ready. I understand that you
guys are working on a stand-alone, is this correct? (scraper mentioned

Robert 'CrazyDog1' Ludiker
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Subject: Re: [armyops] 2.2.0?

> We are currently transfering our server systems over from Linux to
> Windows 2003 Server due to advances in our server control panel
> software for that OS and the advances in Windows Server Architecture.
> At this point I am unable to respond to your question about the linux
> release, however once our systems are transferred over to Windows
> Server and our site is replaced with our updated version you will see
> this game available.

(Uh, I don't know who this guy is, but he probably didn't realize this
was a mailing list question directed at me and not at him. Just to be
clear, "US Game Servers" isn't related to the US Army, despite the name.
And despite the fact he's praising Windows on a Linux mailing list,
please don't start a flamewar.)

As for ArmyOps 2.2.0 for Linux, I'm working on it.


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