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On Wed, 21 Jan 2004 16:00:10 -0500
"www clan - Starkness" <starkness at wwwclan.com> wrote:

>OK  =)  Just making sure!
>I am searching right now for a linux server set up guide.  I installed
>the 2.0 version, got it running server side, but couldn't connect to it
>from various locations (i.e. clan members couldn't connect)
>Soo. I am going to install the new patch, which I understand only fixes
>a few minor bugs and adds one new sf map (cool!) - but I wanted to have
>the latest how to for linux on hand before I start.
>I have been through the americasarmy.com forums but, it's deader there
>than this list I think! (feciously spoken)
>Anyone got a link to a linux server setup how-to or guide?
i havent seen anything ever on linux servers not even cod.. i did have a
cod server on linux for a bit but i couldnt figure out how to get
gamespy to see it... servers are usually easy to setup... what r u
having problems with .... my signature tells u what i run...


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