[armyops] I can't join - but - I see people in server playing =\

J0hnGalt armyops at mycomputerperson.biz
Sun Feb 1 16:48:02 EST 2004

IIRC it's the "-IP" switch that you're looking for to bind the server to a
specific ip.

Are you familiar with Dan J. Berenstein's daemontools ?   Basically, a
service monitoring service that will restart daemons if they crash.  Makes a
great wrapper for the aa server.  Also, using the included 'multilog'
utility makes keeping & rotating the server logs very convenient.

Anyway, I experienced a few quirks binding the server to an aliased IP--I
got the MOTD from the default IP of the box, and the server query port was
the UT default, not gameport+1--but then I ran it on a FreeBSD, which uses
the RH 7.1 kernel was used for "emulation"..

Let me know if you need a startup script for daemontools.  I think I can
probably find my old one.


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