[armyops] setting 16 bit graphics

Zannox zannox at linuxgaming.net
Sun Feb 1 13:49:27 EST 2004

Make sure your default color depth on your desktop is 16-bit instead of
32-bit. OpenGL will by default use the same color depth as your desktop.
So change your X86Config file from 24-bit to 16-bit and you should be
all set.

On Sun, 2004-02-01 at 10:56, Michał Krzemiński wrote:
> Hi.
> Is it possible to set display depth to 16 bit in Linux version of ArmyOps? In 
> Windows version it is done I guess by changing "Use16bit" and 
> "Use16bitTextures" to "True" in ArmyOps.ini file. Despite of few problems with 
> corrupted graphics, it generally works well - on my slow graphics card game 
> runs faster.
> Unfortunately on Linux version of AA it refuses to work. Game seems to ignore 
> this setting. Of course I tried setting XServer to 16 bit - display looks 
> awful, despite of how "Use16bit" is set.
> I have NVidia GF2 card and I use their Linux drivers, if this matters.
> Greetings.

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