Training not being saved

Chris cpollock at
Wed Sep 10 21:50:04 EDT 2003

I'm having a real problem getting my training steps to save.  I've completed 
the rifle range about 20 times already and each time I click "continue", 
login and it seems as though they're being saved however, if I quit the 
game and restart I'm back at having to do the range again.  I had enough of 
this back in '68 when I had to do it for real.  I also took a look at my 
game log for tonights run. I see a few warning messages that are unfamiliar 
to me.  Would someone like to look at those portions and see if there may 
be a problem?  I also experienced two solid system lockups this past 
weekend, once on the obstacle course and once at the US Weapons part.  Not 
sure what caused those.  I'm running the linux version with Mandrake 9.0, 
an Nvidia GeForce 2 MX400 64mb video card.  

Thanks for any assistance

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