error about unloading an .so file

Joe Eckstein eckstein at
Mon Sep 1 20:11:25 EDT 2003

I went to the site and read their faq, and it seems that it 
has to do with the client/server version, and it's ability to auto-update 
the client.  It mentioned a pbag.dll, which I guess is the windows 
equivalent to this .so file.  They had an application that is supposed to 
get the update, it was an *.x86 file, and I have not had any success 
following their directions for using that method to update. 

Also, they mentioned to open some ports on your firewall.  Just 50 obscure 
UDP ports.  I didn't have any luck after I opened those either.  I think 
everyone with the linux version might be getting this error since it is a 
self-upgrading punkbuster feature that isn't working. 

 - Joe 

Alexander Winston writes: 

> On Mon, 2003-09-01 at 15:11, Joe Eckstein wrote:
>> PunkBuster Client: ERROR: Cannot remove after unloading 
>> This has happened to me only today.  And no, I'm not attempting to cheat or 
>> do anything unusual, except i've swapped windows using the commands 
>> Alt-Enter, and Ctrl-X which someone suggested to me in this list 
> I'm getting the exact same error, and not long after, I'm being kicked
> from servers for no reason. Any ideas? 

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