[armyops] Correct full working Openal

Dana Olson dana at mandrakeusers.org
Wed May 21 14:58:42 EDT 2003

ALSA's emu10k support is based on the OSS drivers.

If you tweak ALSA just right, you can get it to sound pretty much the
same. I've had no problems with games or anything yet, since switching.

But if you're happy with OSS for now, then stick to it. The point is
that you don't need arts or esd or anything like that if you have a
Sound Blaster Live card.

On Wed, 2003-05-21 at 06:16, Artur Bać wrote:
> Dnia śro 21. maja 2003 09:04, David Hedbor napisał:
> > Artur Baæ <arturbac at o2.pl> writes:
> >
> > And we're telling you that using arts (and esd for that matter) for a
> > game is a very bad idea. I mean, in the very least it WILL add latency
> > (how much depends I guess, but latency it will add never the less).
> Propablty direct support is always better and You are right in that matter.
> I used it only becouse unfinished emu10k1 code in openal, and fact that i dont use alsa
> Btw
> Has ALSA emu10k1 the same quality , stability as Emu10k1oss
> maybe alsa use emu10k1 OSS ?
> Or they are both uncompatibile and they cannot be used toghether ?
> Emu10k1-cvs OSS i pretty advanced and stable in use....
> Gives me very good quality sound ...
> on FreeBSD and Linux ...

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