[armyops] Correct full working Openal

Daniel Ceregatti vi at sh.nu
Wed May 21 02:18:27 EDT 2003

Artur Bać wrote:

>Dnia śro 21. maja 2003 06:25, floam napisał:
>>Why not get rid of your emu10k1 oss drivers and that horrible nasty arts
>>and just go direct alsa? I bet you'll get nicer sound.
>Dont want such crap like ALSA , it is unnecesery
Not true. Kernel 2.6 will have alsa by default. So you need to get with 
the times unless you plan to stay on 2.4 for the rest of your life.

>I use emu10k1 OSS and is working for me perfectly and is much more compatibile on linux with all other apps
>Hoever in 0.0.6 version of openal the emu10k1 direct code is uncompilable
> becouse of lack one file in openal distro.
Also not true. Turns out openal direct support for emu10k1 is actually 

>Hoever It dosnt matter arts sdl emu alsa, as I said before the most important thing are: 
>-With this 2002.07 version i gave you stereo panning is working and sound have clear and good quality
>-With latest 2003.05 version sound is malformed & stereo works
>-With the openal.so from AAO stereo doesn't work and i had to manipulate emu10k1 stettings
>to get good quality sound.
>Stereo Panning is one of the most important things in the game.
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