Stereo Separation not working

Daniel Ceregatti vi at
Sun May 18 15:41:45 EDT 2003

I know this is a bit late in the game, but I believe there is a bug 
somewhere regarding sound. This problem has existed since the game was 
released, but I presumed it was a problem with my setup. I no longer 
believe this is the case.

Scenario: Start AA, pick a mission, join a server, arrive at the "camera 
locked in one area of the map to pick team" screen, pick a team, but 
don't move the mouse after picking the team. At this point, stereo 
separation is working. The problem starts as soon as I pan using the 
mouse. Once that happens, sound goes mono and remains mono for the 
duration of the game's life. Changing maps makes no difference.

What I've tried: OSS, ALSA, echo "(define devices '(sdl))" > ~openalrc,* 
*and newer versions of

The only solution I've found so far is to upgrade to the latest from the cvs at This is their only method of 
distribution, apparently. Thing is, while this version of openal fixes 
the stereo separation issue, it introduces weird phasing and sound 
artifacts that are more intolerable than the lack of stereo.

This problem exists for me in UT2003 as well. None of my other games 
that do not use openal exhibit this issue. I've not tested any other 
games that do use openal, but I will do that some time today.

Unless someone has a suggestion regarding this, I'm gonna file a bug on it.


Dual Xeon 2.66Ghz, Gentoo 1.4, Audigy (Latest OSS and latest ALSA 
attempted), GF4 Ti 4600

Daniel Ceregatti (AKA Primer)

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