AAO Linux Server

Artur Bać arturbac at o2.pl
Fri May 16 13:05:24 EDT 2003

WI would like to ask if anyone can share server bianry with me for linux
I need it to test it against freebsd 
My clan is goning to switch from Xp to FreeBSD 5.0 -RELEASE-p7  OS on server 
and we are in need of it.
We are waiting for it for the last Year and we realy have enought waiting.
And we heave enough using WinXP as server ..... pretty unstable 
I know that SCi works under linux so can anyone unofficialy only for my clan 
help Us with any beta of server ?

BTW: SCI Linuxes are set up with unconfigured apaches ...., Who made that 

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