More ArmyOps fixes...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Thu May 8 12:31:03 EDT 2003

If you downloaded either of these since I posted the updates in the past
two hours:

Redownload them. The latest versions fix a _lot_ of crashes (notably,
frequent night vision use doesn't crash the game anymore), the flashbang
blinding effect works (and if you're playing in a window, it'll blind the
whole desktop, which is unavoidable since it works by adjusting the
Xserver's gamma, but it's kinda about immersive gameplay!
Even your spreadsheets get flashbanged!), and (I think) I fixed an issue
with bullet tracers having the wrong color (Bug #515).

The new allows you to ignore mouse movement when the input isn't
grabbed (so if you hit CTRL-G in a window to go check your mail, your
viewpoint won't change until you hit CTRL-G again...). To enable that, you
need to add "IgnoreUngrabbedMouse=True" in the "[SDLDrv.SDLClient]"
section of your .ini...note that keyboard input still works, as long as
the window has focus, and none of this does anything if the game is
running fullscreen.


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