[armyops] 1.7.0 audio...

Thu May 8 09:01:33 EDT 2003

yes that is the driver, but also there is emu-tools. I may be way out in
left field here as I am one of those sound is sound guys... However,
emu-tools (with aumix), you are able to setup digital sound for SBLive!. All
I know is all my sound is wonderful and all my speakers work and there seems
to be some sort of channelization. I mean when that M14 is rocking in my
right ear I know it!!! And when you are sneaking up behind me, I hear you
behind me as I get it in the backside :). Hell what do I know, I have had a
sbLive for 2 years and just bought my 5.1 speakers a few weeks ago, so I am
new to it.

Dnia wto 6. maja 2003 14:57, Peake Brian K FCCS ATRC napisał:
> also have setup emu-tools for my soundblaster. My sound is far from
> wretched. In fact it is pretty damn good.
You mean emu10k1 ?
I use also this driver
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