[armyops] 1.7.0 audio...

Frank Earl fearl at airmail.net
Wed May 7 13:41:16 EDT 2003

On Wednesday 07 May 2003 02:12, you wrote:

> You're wrong.  :)

Well, I DID say that I just made a cursory glance at the sources.  :-)

(At least I had someone knowlegeable to correct me here...)

> SDL output should be considered a desperation fallback in OpenAL for
> people with buggy drivers or some other strange output device AL doesn't
> support.
> /dev/dsp should be the default, but AL has support for ALSA, too. And you
> can pick your favorite (OSS, ALSA, SDL, null device) via the ~/.openalrc
> config file.

Someone on the OpenAL list indicated that all one had to do was set the 
number of speakers to four- will that work or does someone need to add some 
additional code to support four channel sound?  As I said on the OpenAL list, 
if we can't have hardware acceleration, at least we could use the software 
effects more effectively.

Frank Earl

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