[armyops] 1.7.0 audio...

David Hedbor david at hedbor.org
Tue May 6 16:33:17 EDT 2003

Frank Earl <fearl at airmail.net> writes:

> On Monday 05 May 2003 22:30, you wrote:
>> I'm saying that, afaik, there is no way to get more than 2 channel
>> audio with OpenAL in Linux.
> I'm going to second that sentiment.  However, having said this, there is 
> nothing that says this is a permanent state of affairs.  I'm sure someone 
> could concievably add the support considering ALSA supports it along with 
> hardware mixers (according to the online documentation...).  

Sure, it should be very possible to add support for > 2 channels in
OpenAL, using ALSA or perhaps OSS. I am not up-to-date on these issues
(in terms of what drivers support) and I only have a normal 2+1 setup

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