Possible Bug?

Conrad Bluhm bluhmcc at auburn.edu
Mon Aug 25 07:35:10 EDT 2003

I have posted this to the main Army Ops site as well as gone into a chat
room and made shure it wasnt something I was doing wrong before coming
to you guys.  I have not played armyops before the Linux port so I am
having to complete all the training.  I have completed the marksmenship
training and am on the obstical course.  I am having difficulty
completing the course.  It seems when I come to the part where you go
"up the wall across the beam and down the net" I cant go up the beam. 
If I go to the left or right of the main beam (where I can climb up
quite easily) the computer stops me and makes me do it over again.  But
I can climb that main beam.  If I keep pressing the forward key on my
keyboard I have been told I should climb up (I have also tried looking a
bit up while pressing forward).  This does not work.  I simply run like
I am running into a brick wall.  If however I look straight up and jump
I can climb up each individual step up the main beam to the top.  Once
this is done however and I try to climb down (no matter if its perfect),
the computer stops me and makes me do it over again.  
  I am worried that this might be me still since this would be a serious
bug (inhibiting a player from completing training), and have heard
nothing about anyone having the same problem.  
  I am playing the 1.9 version although the previous version had the
same problem as well.  
  Thanks in advance for your comments. Sorry if you get this twice my
mail is screwed up.

Clayton Bluhm                            bluhmcc at auburn.edu   
Computer Engineering Student             

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