[armyops] America's Army not remembering video settings.

Chris Case ccase at divinia.com
Mon Apr 28 01:39:58 EDT 2003

Until this is fixed, if your too lazy to tweak the ArmyOps.ini and test 
your settings for gamma/brightness/contrast you can change them via the 
console inside the game using the commands:

gamma #
brightness #
contrast #

(i haven't tried contrast but i assume it's the same format as the others)

The only misleading one seems to be brightness.  Just multiply by 10 to 
get your desired result (it rounds or cuts to nearest integer too).

So if you want a brightness setting equivalent of 1.0 in the ini then 
just type

	brightness 10

into the console.

It beats editing the ini file and reloading army ops to get your desired 


floam wrote:
> Am I the only one that cant get it to save video settings? I can set the
> gamma/brightness/contrast to 1.0 (to make everything look normal) but
> when I leave that part of the menu and come back, everything is at the
> default, gamma is .5, and brightness and contrast are both 0 (if i
> remember correctly) Is this just a common knowledge I'm not aware of,
> looks like I'll have to edit the ini's manually.
> Aaron Gyes

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