PHP Linux Army Operations Manager

Artur Bać arturbac at
Sat Apr 26 11:28:27 EDT 2003

My Clan and will switch server to linux when we got Linux AAO Server
So we started development on some kind manager for linux, freebsd maybe
Main task is to manage like with webmin in the future
So it is written in PHP & HTML
For now till Linux version will go public it works for generates inis and bat 
files for windows
I also do many test on windows server and i removed 50% of garbage for 
oryginal ini file
So if anyone admin here is interested in LAOM it can be seen and use on
For now it generates ini and bat file and delivers it to specified ftp server
(quite usefull if ftpuser have write acces to System dir of game)

Artur alias [Majestic]Szwagier

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