America's Army for Linux beta!

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Fri Apr 25 18:36:59 EDT 2003

If you're getting this email, you are on the beta testing list for the
America's Army Linux client.

If you got this in error, please email me directly (icculus at
so we can get it straightened out.

Ok, here's the software. But first, the rules of this test:

1) Do NOT distribute this beta or post this URL anywhere. I don't care if
you want to put it onto several of your computers, or show it to your
friends or whatnot, but I don't want to see it posted to Usenet or
anywhere else public. We will be tracking various Linux client logins
during this test, so pirating at this point is not advised...the game
will be available to everyone else for free soon enough.

2) If you run a Linux news site of some sort, please understand that you
are on this beta because of some unique quality you can bring to the
testing, not because you have a public forum. That being said, as long as
you are clear that this is a BUGGY, NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME BETA, I don't
mind if you write articles about it or otherwise publically comment about
this test.

3) This beta will be moving quickly. We don't have much time to get this
ready, so bare with us.

4) I am interested in hearing about experiences on various distros,
including FreeBSD's Linux binary compatibility. I am interested in hearing
experiences with different hardware.

5) I am not able to fix driver bugs. If you've got an ATI card and the
game straight up does not work, I can not help you. I need to be totally
clear about that. If there's a driver developer not on this beta that
would benefit from access to the game, please send them to me.

6) This is a client only, there is no dedicated server at this time.

7) Bugzilla is here: ... please make
yourself an account for reporting bugs.

Ok, have fun, guys. Here's the download, thanks to David Hedbor for
hosting this:

Be warned: that's a little over 300 megabytes.


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