[aquaria] Subtitle problems in v1.1.3

False.Genesis false.genesis at googlemail.com
Sun May 20 10:29:45 EDT 2012

>> I noticed that when I built v1.1.3 locally I see no subtitles on the
>> first screen (naija_intro-music.txt) but it works flawlessy for every
>> other screen/song. There was no such problems on v1.1.1. Does anyone
>> else experience this or is it local to my build?
> Confirmed, have the same problem. Good catch, never noticed this.

This culprit is most likely this commit:

- A prev. call to Game::removeState() would hide the subs player; it was 
never made visible again until the next Game::applyState()

Fix below:

@@ -64,10 +64,12 @@ void Intro2::applyState()


  	//addAction(MakeFunctionEvent(Intro2, skipIntro), KEY_ESCAPE, 0);

+	dsq->subtitlePlayer.show(0.5f);


(Do we need fade-out logic on Intro2::removeState() ? Don't think so.

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