[aquaria] [patch] Some optimizations

False.Genesis false.genesis at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 10 17:20:51 EST 2012

More patches.

Spotted more overlapping blackness due to the optimization patch, 
corrected map files are now available at:
(I have deleted the other file posted earlier.)

Stumbled upon a SIGFPE when loading textures (libpng didn't read width 
of some PNGs correctly, so it was 0, and glpng divided by it), so I've 
updated libpng to the current stable version (1.5.7), which fixes the 
width==0 problem. Updated libogg and libvorbis as well.
The patch is too large to email (11.5 MB uncompressed), I've gzipped and 
uploaded it at the following URL:
(This only adds the bare source files of these libs, without the other 

I'd consider the shot bouncing patch as a slight gameplay change, 
because now certain shots are destroyed a lot less frequently - this 
makes the moneye shot in beast form more useful, and the bouncyball 
shots in mithalas last longer (which is correct, anyway).

PS: Sorry for throwing out tons of emails instead of organizing my patch 
distribution, but I usually fix & email stuff right away after finding 
something while modding, instead of forgetting about the patches and 
having them rot on my disk.
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