[aquaria] [PATCH] Multi-Language support

Henrik Holst henrik.holst2 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 06:47:49 EDT 2012

I agree that that would be the best solution for a new project but I do
think that moving to a gettext kind of solution so late in the
development as we are in Aquaria would be a quite big undertaking.

Also there would be a problem on how to fit the dynamic subtitle files
into how gettext & co works. And there would be no savings in
filehandles since Aquaria does not hold the files open (it opens, reads
and then closes the files).

The main benefit with my proposed solution is that it works with the
existing files and also with the translations done by the community
around 2009-2010 (all one has to do is to add the language suffix to the
file names).


tis 2012-04-03 klockan 16:26 -0600 skrev GMMan:
> I think language files could be gathered into a catalog of sorts.
> Instead of keeping multiple files, keep one big catalog for each
> language for the main game and individual catalogs for each mod would
> possibly reduce fragmentation and file handles needed. The other way
> could be diffing files so that if one translation doesn't exist, the
> default is used.
> --GMMan

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