[aquaria] When is the iPad source going to be released?

False.Genesis false.genesis at googlemail.com
Sun Apr 1 16:41:53 EDT 2012

> It's been about half a year since the iPad version came out. I haven't
> heard anything about when the sources are going to be released.
> Personally, I wouldn't care if the current state of the source is a
> bit messy. As long as it more or less compiles I can go and sort out
> the bugs. So, as a request, can we get the source now, instead of
> maybe a couple of years down the road?
> --GMMan

The code can hardly be more messy than the current icculus code.
I'll add my voice here. Better to release it before it gets cold.
Btw, how's the retina update coming along?

PS: $ grep -i -r "HACK" BBGE/* Aquaria/* | wc -l

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