[aquaria] Patch to allow the use of system zlib and libpng libraries

Pontos daemonpontos at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 21:50:12 EDT 2011

I made two patches that will let cmake use system versions of both zlib 
and libpng to compile the game.
Given that any system libfreetype2 already contains or links to the 
system zlib, I figured that forcefully compiling the included zlib 
sources in such scenario was kinda redundant.

The libpng patch also does some modifications to the included glpng 
library to warrant a successful build.
Aside from some miscellaneous changes, one specific change was added 
since libpng 1.4.x deprecated some legacy API stuff used by glpng, and 
1.5.x removed it completely. This change of course will only be 
implemented if CMake finds libpng version 1.4.x or newer.

Aquaria compiled successfully for me with MSYS/Mingw GCC 4.5.1 i686 and 
Ubuntu 11.4 i686 without giving any warnings, using the included libpng 
sources, system libpng versions 1.2.x, 1.4.x and 1.5.x (Ubuntu 11.4 
comes with libpng 1.2.x, so that's the only one i used there).
I was able to test the mingw builds but not the Ubuntu one since i have 
that OS inside a VM, which of course wont run OpenGL games.

Both patches are based on the icculus repository. The png patch has the 
zlib patch as parent, whereas the zlib patch has the newest icculus 
revision as parent (I used hg export to create both .patch files).
That's all :)

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