[aquaria] [patch] Positional audio support

False.Genesis false.genesis at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 28 05:17:17 EST 2011

> I'll look over the patch soon.
> --ryan.

Better wait a bit until you apply it, i noticed a few problems with it: 
The game does still use calls like entity_sound(ent, (800 + 
math.random(400)), i.e. uses pitch values far beyond the usual limit of 
[0.5, 2] - that just produces a short, high-pitched click in this case.
There are a few cases in C++ code with wrong pitch, too.

I will post another patch to fix the remaining issues, but I don't have 
time for this right now (exaaams!).
So please keep this patch queued, for now. :)

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