[aquaria] Loading treasures.txt from a mod

Kasoroth kasoroth at concordant-opposition.net
Tue Feb 15 08:08:45 EST 2011

On 02/15/2011 03:53 AM, Andrew wrote:
> On 15/02/2011, at 6:52 PM, Kasoroth wrote:
>> I recently started experimenting with Aquaria's modding tools, and one of the first things I tried to do was create custom collectible treasures.  I couldn't find any information about how to load the treasures.txt file from a mod, so I decided to look at the source to figure it out.
>> After a bit more examination of how the treasure menu works, it seemed like the problem with adding/modifying collectibles in a mod was that treasures.txt, stringbank.txt, and menu-treasures.lua were all loaded only from the main game, and also the number of treasures (for purposes of next/prev page in the treasure menu) was hard coded to 32 (2 pages of 16).
>> I've created a quick patch that to fix these problems and allow additional collectibles in mods.  I've only recently started looking at the Aquaria code, so if there is already some other way to do this that I'm missing, I apologize.  I hope this code is useful to the modders out there.
>> Also, I had a problem with my build that did not seem to occur in the executable included in the Humble Bundle:  The loadskin function in SkeletalSprite was converting the whole path string to lower case, causing it to fail for mods in my .Aquaria folder.  I modified it to only change the filename (not the whole path) to lower case.
>> - Kasoroth
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> Hey this sounds great, something I had often thought about myself. Could you do it for other files too, like pets, ingredients, variables, etc?
> Andrew
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I'll take a look at it this evening.  I was considering trying to make a 
more general resource loader for txt, lua and xml files that would allow 
a mod to override any of the original game files that are directly 
referenced in the source code, and eliminate some of the repetition of 
code for "if mod, look in mod path, then base path, else look in base path".


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