[aquaria] Some more patches #2

False.Genesis false.genesis at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 11 11:13:09 EDT 2011

>> For patch #3, i am not sure this doesn't break anything - concerned that
>> SDLmain removed may break things on linux or mac. Can't test it, my
>> Linux machine is b0rked atm, and the Mac VM still refuses to be a
>> usable OS.
>> So, anyone who can test this please post the results, thanks :)
>> (Take care of applying the patches in the right order!)
> I haven't tested this specific patch, but I can tell you that Linux
> doesn't need SDLmain, and Mac OS X absolutely does.

Good to know, thanks.
The attached patch re-enables SDLmain after 3-win32build.patch and 
4-cleanup.patch, and removes the AQUARIA_WIN32_NOCONSOLE define added 
earlier - with SDLmain back in place it's no longer necessary.

Forget about 2-win32libs.patch, here's a zip with the .lib files. :)
(Googlemail didn't let me send it as an actual .zip for stupid reasons - 
just rename it)

The SDLmain.lib is a custom build with HAVE_ALLOCA disabled because it 
caused linker errors when trying to link Aquaria.exe against it.
("undefined reference to _alloca_probe_16" and some more)

Linking with mingw works fine now, and using -O2 instead of -O3 in 
release mode even fixed instant crashing when loading some maps 
(probably yet another compiler optimization problem of mingw/gcc 4.6.0)

-- fg
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