[aquaria] Proposed patch for OpenAL device usage

Pascal Lingnau pasling at cs.tu-berlin.de
Wed Aug 10 05:00:06 EDT 2011


this attached patch makes Aquaria actually use the OpenAL device that is 
specified in the usersettings.xml.

The reason this may be needed are issues with Creative's X-Fi cards on 
Windows (of course), when the X-Fi card is selected as the audio device 
(which the OpenAL router does by default).

This causes OpenAL to utilize the X-Fi's hardware acceleration 
capabilities, resulting in played sounds not ending (e.g. voiceovers, 
which makes subtitles not disappear since the voice playback never ends) 
and all available channels eventually being used up, essentially muting 
all newly played sounds.

With this patch, selecting the "Generic Software" device in the 
usersettings.xml fixes, or rather circumvents, these problems.

I'll definitely try to find the real cause of these problems, but it 
can't hurt to actually obey the "device" setting. If it is left empty, 
the default device will be used.


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