[aquaria] massive pile of patches now in icculus tree...

Mikko Rasa tdb at tdb.fi
Mon Apr 25 07:54:39 EDT 2011

On 25.04.2011 14:44, Andrew Church wrote:
>> That's interesting.  I take the performance improvement was in the
>> context of Aquaria?  Does it use VBOs in an efficient way (both vertex
>> and index data in buffers, rendering with triangle strips) if display
>> lists aren't enabled?
> Aquaria doesn't use VBOs in the first place -- everything's immediate
> (glBegin(GL_QUADS); glVertex(...); glEnd()).

Ugh.  No wonder display lists are an improvement over that (and they 
probably were easy to implement too).  I'm not sure how much VBOs would 
help overall performance since Aquaria probably doesn't use too many 
vertices per frame, but vertex arrays definitely would.  VBOs won't hurt 
though.  I wouldn't be surprised if using proper rendering techniques 
would improve performance on PSP as well.  Sadly I'm too busy with my 
own projects to give the rendering engine an overhaul myself.


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