[aquaria] massive pile of patches now in icculus tree...

Dustin Voss d_j_v at mac.com
Sat Apr 23 17:42:09 EDT 2011

Hey Ryan.

Here are some branches I’d like included from my repository at https://bitbucket.org/_Agent/aquaria

macosx-build-bundle: Mac OS X build support. Handles paths with spaces; gets rid of spurious warnings; sets up a proper bundle; includes copy_resources script.

gamepad-gui-access: Adds missing gamepad access to resolution combo box, recipe book pages, save/load pages, song list, food sorting button, “use” button. Also adds a bit of feedback to the food menu for dropping food.

gamepad-dpad: Enables d-pad support.

I can also turn these into patches and mail them in if that would be easier.


On Apr 21, 2011, at 11:44 AM, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

> If there are still patches floating out there for Aquaria that I should apply to my Mercurial repository, assume I've missed them and resend them to the list and I'll get them into revision control.
> Otherwise, let's all thank Andrew for the serious amount of work he put into merging these patches!

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