[aquaria] Is the project still alive?

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Mon Apr 11 10:36:18 EDT 2011

> As I've said, I'm ready to do this anytime; I just need your decision on
> what to include. (:  Let me try this angle:  Is there anything you
> _don't_ want (other than the PSP patches, which should probably stay out
> of the official repository)?  Otherwise, I'll set up an icculus clone
> when I have a moment -- I'll try to make time this weekend -- with
> rolled patches for you to pull.

I want everything that makes sense for a general release...which would 
include things from the PSP port if they optimize something that 
benefits everyone. My understanding is that you've basically got a whole 
new engine under the hood for the PSP work, so I don't really know which 
pieces make sense (and I hate to have you waste time sorting it 
out...then again, I hate to have ME waste time sorting it out too, so I 
shouldn't complain if you're offering.  :)   )


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