[aquaria] Unofficial PSP port

Andrew Church achurch+aquaria at achurch.org
Wed Jun 16 09:14:26 EDT 2010

Quick addendum to this:  Anyone who doesn't build from the Gentoo Portage
overlay mentioned in the README may want to apply the
"omit-string-hash.diff", "use-float.diff", and "use-float-alignment.diff"
patches from <http://achurch.org/patch-pile/#lua>, to reduce Lua's memory
usage.  (I build with these and memory is still very tight in the Home
Waters area, so I'm not sure whether it will work at all otherwise.)

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org

>Dunno if anyone's interested in seeing Aquaria running on the PSP, but
>I've been working on that for the last couple of weeks; it's now in a
>(barely) usable state, so I've pushed it to:
>    http://achurch.org/cgi-bin/hg/aquaria/
>on the "psp" branch.  It's still (1) slow and (2) prone to running out
>of memory (see the PSP/README file), but with sufficient saving and
>restarting it is possible to progress in the game.
>[Advance warning before anyone goes diving into the source:  A lot of
>the code is taken from an engine I wrote for a different game, in which
>I used Japanese as the comment language.  Apologies to anyone who isn't
>bilingual. (: ]
>Prerequisites, build instructions, and other notes are listed in
>PSP/README.  In particular, make sure you check the sections about data
>files before you try running the game, or you may find yourself sitting
>at the initial "Loading" screen for minutes on end.
>One major issue that (if resolved) could help with the memory problems
>is that every Lua script loaded by the game is run in a separate Lua
>state.  I admit I'm not well versed in Lua myself, but it looks like Lua
>defaults to making variables global; if those could all be localized to
>each individual script, the scripts could presumably then be run as
>threads in a single Lua state, which I suspect would save a fair amount
>of memory -- each Lua state seems to take 100k+ of memory, and when you
>only have 52MB to start with, things get tight pretty quickly.
>Any comments or questions, let me know!
>As a side note, there are a few general gameplay patches in that
>repository as well, all on separate branches.  Ryan, feel free to apply
>any that interest you. (:
>  --Andrew Church
>    achurch at achurch.org
>    http://achurch.org/
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