[aquaria] Aquaria port for OS4 PPC

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Mon Jun 14 22:06:18 EDT 2010

> But there is a problem with textures since when the game starts nothing 
> is displayed on the menu except for the shining circle mouse pointer and 
> the aquaria version number. All is black and this seems a wrong texture 
> loading (or blitting)

I wonder if you have buggy framebuffer_object support.

Go find ~/.Aquaria/preferences/usersettings.xml, and then 'fbuffer="1"' 
in there...make that 1 a 0.

Make sure you get the .xml file that the game writes to your home 
directory on the first run. If you change the version that is in the 
game's install dir, it won't do anything.


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