[aquaria] Aquaria port for OS4 PPC

Andrea Palmatè andrea at amigasoft.net
Wed Jun 9 11:15:43 EDT 2010

Il 09/06/2010 17.07, Ryan C. Gordon ha scritto:
>> Instruction pointer 0x6F4BBD2C belongs to module "libstdc++.so" 
>> (PowerPC)
> Buggy C++ compiler, or buggy C++ runtime?
could be.. but how to track the problem? what gcc did you use to compile 
aquaria? i've seen that if you add -Wall switch a lot of warings are 
shown.. it is possible that gcc4 makes something strange?

> I haven't heard of anyone trying Linux PPC, but the game does function 
> correctly on PowerPC Mac OS X.
so the game should work without any problem


*Andrea Palmatè*

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