[aquaria] Enabled Windows compiling with Visual Studio

prog2 programmer02 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 20:19:40 EDT 2010

Thanks for the feedback. Glad it helped for you too :)

> If Ryan ends up adding the libraries for MSVisualC you supplied, then please
> change the lines "elseif(WIN32)" with "elseif(WIN32) if(MSVC)   ...
> endif(MSVC)"  in the SDL and OpenAL sections of CMakeLists.txt, given that
> the libraries you added are compiled with MSVisualC (Which btw, are static
> and not shared).

> Also, the line IF(CMAKE_GENERATOR MATCHES "Visual Studio") you added for
> FreeType2's compiling flags can be replaced by IF(MSVC) since the result is
> the same.

Changed. I've never used CMake before and couldn't find a better way
to detect VS, altough I suspected it might exist.

>> I noticed that Pontos removed the contents of GLAPIENTRY for Windows
>> as well, and I added APIENTRY back for VS since that's how they're
>> defined in the new gl.h.
> I did not remove it, I added it for Windows in fact.

I was thinking GLAPIENTRY had some standard value in Windows, which is
why I thought you removed its content (by adding the #undef). Funnily
enough I didn't bother to check what happened without the #undef.

> You should change the #ifdef _MSC_VER line into #ifdef _WIN32, since the new
> definition in gl.h is not limited to MSVisualC.

Done. I think I had the order of your updates messed up in my head.

I've attached a small diff with these fixes.

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