[aquaria] [lugaru] Segmentation fault after building the sources

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Sat Jun 5 13:29:17 EDT 2010

> Where do I add that option? Cause I only found one place 
> (CMakeCache.txt) where I could add a flag to the compiler and it didn't 
> work.

This is untested, but this _should_ work, I think...

  cd /where/i/downloaded/aquaria
  mkdir cmake-build
  cd $_

This will fail if you don't have 32-bit libraries installed on the 
system. The Humble Bundle build for Linux used crosstool, so I built it 
with an x86 compiler and an isolated glibc on my otherwise x86_64 
system, and made sure all the dependencies outside of glibc (SDL, etc) 
were all included in the tree. This isn't a sustainable strategy for a 
general open source release, and not for the faint of heart anyhow.

Ideally, we just clean out the 64-bit issues and thereby remove all this 


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